My name is Emily 18 and as the name suggests I opened my web site when I was just 18 years old. Everyone tells me I look too young. Do you think I look to young? I enjoy hunky guys, older men and girls too! You can tell me all about yourself in my members forum!


Welcome, Guys and Gals;

I opened right after I turned eighteen years old. Most people don't think girls would enjoy porn, but I do. Back when I had just turned 18 and had started dating I found my boyfriend's porno stash. I didn't get mad, I got excited! I was just as curious about sex as he was. Reading all of his magazines really opened me up to new ways of thinking about porn and sex.

One night when I was chatting on a dating web site a guy wanted me to send him naked pictures of me. All I could think about was that this guy thought I was just as hot as those girls I had seen in the magazines! I ended up posted my pictures in a forum where girl named Alice asked me, "Have you ever thought about making your own website?"

I quickly said yes and now pays my rent and pays for my college. A complete flip-flop from how my life was going before. I have all of you to thank for it. Without you people I'd still be working where ever I could with no hope of ever saving for college. Thank You! (And Alice!)

I update Emily 18 three times a week and all of my videos are shot in 1280x720. That is huge! It takes up my whole entire computer screen. My pictures are so clear and big that it scares me sometimes. You can literally count all of my baby blonde hairs on my bottom! But I am not complaining and nobody else is either. Members can chat with me in my forum at Old habits die hard!

   See you soon ~ Emily 18


My ex-boyfriend swears
this Fleshlight thing
feels just like my pussy.
He says he uses it
every night!

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